Condenser / Heat Pumps - we work with all types everyday from systems at your house to much larger units like in commercial buildings.  We service small package units (2-5 tons) up to the biggest you can see on the roofs of some of our customers, Wal-Mart and Target.  Computer room systems from down flow to mini-split designs we do them all.

  Boilers have many different applications such as reheat for vav's, adding heat to closed loop systems as well as aiding in controlling humidity in commercial buildings.  These systems can be complex and diagnosing issues can be long and drawn out, that is why it is important to partner with a company with knowledge and experience in this equipment.  Centech Services Inc is your expert service company for all boiler needs.​

 VFD's allow your motors to run only as much as they have to at the minimum speed required to do thier task.  This means less power expenses, less wear and tear, less down time and a more efficiently running total system.  It's a no brainer to have Centech Services come install these for you ASAP.

Ask about Building Energy Analysis & Marine Air Conditioning

 Lets face it, if it is in our duct work then it is being circulated in our homes and business and we are breathing it in. ​Have Centech Services come out and get an inside look of your duct.  We can then help you with a plan of action to clean and sanitize your system if it needs it and if yours is clean at least now you will have that peace of mind.

(VFD) Variable Frequency Drives & Energy Management Controls

Chillers and Cooling Towers​

 For the last 30 years we have been servicing and selling air handlers, condensing units, heat pumps and ultra high efficiency mini-split systems.

 Air Handlers - whether its a residential replacement, gas furnace or up to a large commercial DX or chilled water unit we can handle it.

 Cooling Towers are critical for your water based system.  Regardless of the brand or design type we can take care of any maintenance or service needs your company might have for your tower(s).  We can rebuild towers and provide services that will ensure the least amount of down time for your critical equipment.  

Pool Heaters are still a necessity even in Florida!  No one wants to have a pool you can only enjoy during the day when the sun has barely lifted the temperature above shivering.  The solution?  Let Centech Services install or maintain your pool heating unit, from gas fired to electric heat pump, commercial to residential we continue to do it all. 

Boilers & Pool Heaters

Duct Cleaning, Testing, Installation

 Air Handlers & Heat Pumps